Promoting Education Through High School BBQ Teams

The High School BBQ Cookers Association is a 501(c)(3) non profit educational organization that preserves and promotes bbq education and cook offs. This is done through State High School BBQ Championships, Regional State cook offs, and various community and youth-oriented programs and events around bbq. The High School BBQ Cookers Association goal is to enrich the lives of our student cookers through bbq cook offs, promoting family values, life skills, character development, educational events and scholarships while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student cooks to excel in the classroom and in their community while achieving their educational goals and dreams. All revenue generated is reinvested into various educational programs, cook offs, and scholarships. The High School BBQ Cookers Association is true and committed to its mission of supporting Youth, Vocational Education, Agriculture, and Community. 


Welcome to the High School BBQ Cookers Association!

Starting a High School BBQ Club and Team will be an amazing fun learning adventure. Teachers and students love showcasing student Career and Technical skills to there peers and public. Also, who doesn't love to eat BBQ, Steaks, Dessert, and much more for there school work, or as we like to say COME EAT OUR HOMEWORK!


  1. Master your cooking, grilling, welding, meat, problem solving, time management, leadership,and classroom skills in a friendly competition.
  2. Be part of a fun team that eats very very well!
  3. Use your practice to fundraise for your club,school, or community!
  4. Showcase your Career and Technical (CTE) Welding, Agriculture Mechanics, Family Consumer Science, Engineering, and Robotics programs while collaborating on a wonderful project and food.
  5. Make school work fun! COME EAT OUR HOMEWORK!
  6. Work with community leaders, mentors, chefs, bbq experts, adult cook off teams, restaurants, and industry  leaders in this field.
  7. Show your State and School PRIDE - BBQ Bragging rights are kinda a big deal!
  8. Win scholarship money for continuing your education after high school.
  9. Apply Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to building a BBQ Pit, Ugly Drum Smoker, Grill, or BBQ Masterpiece as part of school.
  10. Learn the Life Skill of feeding yourself for ever!

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