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The High School BBQ Cookers Association is a 501(c)(3) non profit educational organization that preserves and promotes bbq education and cook offs. This is done through State High School BBQ Championships, Regional State cook offs, and various community and youth-oriented programs and events around bbq. The High School BBQ Cookers Association goal is to enrich the lives of our student cookers through bbq cook offs, promoting family values, life skills, character development, educational events and scholarships while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student cooks to excel in the classroom and in their community while achieving their educational goals and dreams. All revenue generated is reinvested into various educational programs, cook offs, and scholarships. The High School BBQ Cookers Association is true and committed to its mission of supporting Youth, Vocational Education, Agriculture, and Community. 



The High School BBQ Cookers Association is excited to announce they will be adding two new food sport categories in 2019. The High School Steak Cook Off and the Chuck Wagon Dutch Oven Cook Off.

Culinary Arts teachers and students across Texas learn the Art of Grilling as part of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills created by the Texas Education Agency to learn to become cooks and chefs in restaurants and the simple life skills of feeding themselves a nutritious easy to prepare protein packed food. Grilling is a cooking skill that can be used in college while tailgating, cooking and feeding a family later in life, as well as bringing families together now to bond and spend time outdoors together, and it saves on the dishes you have to clean up later.  

The Steak Cook Off category will be open to individual student competitors from Texas public and private High Schools to practice the skill learned in class as well as compete for scholarships and prizes like our High School BBQ Teams.

Our hope is School Districts will bring students to not only compete as a BBQ Team but also individual students to compete in grilling a steak or making Biscuits or Cobbler Dutch Oven Chuck Wagon style.

This new category gives our Ag Mechanics and Welding students a reason to build a custom grill, Ugly Drum Smokers, or other live fire creation putting together the skills they are learning in the shop and welding for prizes, braggin rights, and to taste a tasty steak  they cooked breaking in the new grill they built using and practicing their new Vocational skill.

2019 will be an extra special year to COME EAT OUR HOMEWORK!

Look for rules and guidelines coming in March for the 2018-2019 School Year so teachers can plan, prepare, buy that new grill for the class or school, and even practice and develop your team for next school year.

Grilling, Smoking, Cast Iron Cooking will be the New Years Resolution for many students, teachers, and parents, so help us Start A Fire Burning In A Student's Life! TM.  Sign up with out mailing list to receive future updates.

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