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Promoting Education Through High School BBQ Teams

The High School BBQ Cookers Association is a 501(c)(3) non profit educational organization that preserves and promotes bbq education and cook offs. This is done through State High School BBQ Championships, Regional State cook offs, and various community and youth-oriented programs and events around bbq. The High School BBQ Cookers Association goal is to enrich the lives of our student cookers through bbq cook offs, promoting family values, life skills, character development, educational events and scholarships while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student cooks to excel in the classroom and in their community while achieving their educational goals and dreams. All revenue generated is reinvested into various educational programs, cook offs, and scholarships. The High School BBQ Cookers Association is true and committed to its mission of supporting Youth, Vocational Education, Agriculture, and Community. 


How much does it cost? 

The total cost is $450. This is $250  to affiliate a high school campus to host a High School BBQ Club and become a High School BBQ Cookers Association member and $200 for 1 High School BBQ Team to compete in a Regional Qualifier Event. Each additional BBQ team must pay $200 per event up. The School Affiliation allows up to 3 teams per high school to compete in a sanctioned event. This covers Regional Event Host costs, trophies, awards, prizes and meat for each team. As a new organization we (See our Board Of Directors) have registered as a Non Profit 501 (c) (3) for tax exempt status and membership affiliation supports prizes, hosting events, scholarships, and developing further programs to support schools,teachers, and HS BBQ Clubs. You may choose to Affiliate as a BBQ Team or School with unlimited students in your HS BBQ Club and up to 3 BBQ teams per school competing. You may participate in the Regional Qualifier Cook  Off event of your choice that fits your school or team schedule for the 2018-2019 School Year.  The Regional event provides all meats for all teams competing. Each team will be provided with 1  8-10# Brisket, 1  Rack of Pork Spare Ribs,, and 1 - 3-4# Chicken so everyone is using the same meats for fairness and consistency.  REMEMBER - THIS IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE FIRST! Many teams and students have never done this before so the goal of our organization and events is to support learning and student engagement. START A FIRE BURNING IN A STUDENT'S LIFE! ( See official rules HERE  

How many Regional events must we attend to have a chance to qualify our Team (s) for the State Championship?

You only have to attend 1 Regional event and place in the top 10  HS BBQ Teams to advance to the State Championship. If your team does not place in the top 10 then you have other opportunities to qualify by attending another Regional. You can attend any Regional Qualifier that works for your school schedule in any of the Regional Qualifying cities. GOOD LUCK!

Must I be a High School BBQ Cookers Association/ Texas High School BBQ Cookers Association Member to compete?

No, you may compete in any Regional Cook Off at the discretion of the promoters but will not be eligible for prize money or qualify for the State Championship, Prizes, and Scholarships if your Team or School is not Affiliated as a High School BBQ Club Member 7 days before the Regional Event.

How many teams can a High School have?

A High School can have up to three teams per school competing in the BBQ Competition. 

Do I have to build a BBQ Pit to compete?

No, many Ag Mechanics, Welding, FFA teams build their pits as part of class to be judged in the BBQ Pit Competition. You can buy or borrow a BBQ Pit to compete on. Many schools partner with FFA, local Adult BBQ teams, local restaurants,ect.

Do I have to be part of a Career and Technical class or program to compete?

Yes, students must be enrolled in one of the following Career Pathways - Culinary Arts, Agriculture, Family Consumer Science, Welding, Ag Mechanics, Robotics, Engineering, or Business and have a Public or Private School teacher as one of your advisers.

Do teams have to compete in all categories to win the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP and prizes?

 Yes, in order to win points towards Grand Champion your team of 5 students or less must prepare all 5 food items for judging and scoring. Top 10 teams  will place for cooking Beef Brisket, Pork Spare Ribs, Chicken, Beans (Pinto), and Dessert. 

Do you have to have a HS BBQ Team to compete in the individual Steak Cook Off or Dutch Oven categories?

No, you can bring individual students to compete and learn just in theses Ancillary Categories that are not Team competitions.

How many coaches, advisers can we have help us?

High School BBQ Teams can have two adult mentors verbally coach them at the competition outside the 20x20 Cook  Off Area. Individual  Categories get no verbal coaching. Teams and Individuals will be immediately disqualified if any adult touches, enters, or assists them during the Cook Off.  It is all about student learning, doing, cooking, and owning their cook and results.

Can we bring our own meats or extra?

No, you may NOT bring your own meats or extra. All main meats ( Brisket, Rib Rack, and Chicken) is provided by the event promoter and host school that will be passed out the morning of the Cook-off. 1 Brisket, 1 Rack of Pork Spare Ribs, and 1 Whole Young Chicken.

Can you just bring students or a team to come and watch?

Yes, the best way to learn is just to jump head first in, but going to a Regional to watch might be a good learning experience as well as help recruit and engage students in your programs and classes to have a strong High School BBQ Club or Service Group on campus.

Can we pre-marinade, brine, inject our product the night before?

No, all manipulation of meats can not be done until the morning of the cook off for fairness, consistency, and to maintain the integrity of the competition so all student do the work and have no adult help.  Cheaters never prosper!

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