Promoting Education Through High School BBQ Teams

The High School BBQ Cookers Association is a 501(c)(3) non profit educational organization that preserves and promotes bbq education and cook offs. This is done through State High School BBQ Championships, Regional State cook offs, and various community and youth-oriented programs and events around bbq. The High School BBQ Cookers Association goal is to enrich the lives of our student cookers through bbq cook offs, promoting family values, life skills, character development, educational events and scholarships while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student cooks to excel in the classroom and in their community while achieving their educational goals and dreams. All revenue generated is reinvested into various educational programs, cook offs, and scholarships. The High School BBQ Cookers Association is true and committed to its mission of supporting Youth, Vocational Education, Agriculture, and Community. 


The Texas High School BBQ Cookers Association (THSBBQCA) and High School BBQ Cookers Association (HSBBQCA) was born in 2018 as a Non Profit 501(c)(3) run by a Board of Directors  and through the vision and passion of a group of dedicated teachers, industry professionals, and BBQ Cookers who wanted to support the future development of young people in America by promoting education through BBQ cook offs.  After three years of hosting a successful State of Texas High School BBQ Cook Off at Burnet High School with Agriculture and Culinary Arts teachers it was time to host a true High School BBQ State Championship.  This event  was developed as a partnership between  CTE Culinary Arts and Agriculture/FFA  pathways for students to apply what they were learning in class. It was time to start a State wide organization that could grow and support the mission of Career and Technical Education in Texas and eventually the country by  creating a set of rules, sanctioning body, guidelines, Board of Directors, and partnerships to inspire the next generation of  BBQ leaders and American workforce. Our vision is to create an Association and events across the State for students to compete in a friendly learning experience disguised as a BBQ Cook Off. These one of a kind learning events support teachers  and are used to reinforce  student classroom learning through Project Based , Experiential, and Capstone projects and by supporting the goal of CTE Pathways with a focus in Agriculture, Ag Mechanics, Culinary Arts, Family Consumer Science, Engineering, Business, and Robotics classes, but is open to all high school students. These events motivate students to stay in Career and Technical Student Organizations such as National FFA, Family Career Community Leaders of America - FFCLA, Skills USA, as well as the National Restaurant Association ProStart programs and Welding as they continue to grow and learn each school year.  Students remember being on a Team, working towards a goal, building something they can share with their community, and of course eating or as we like to say when inviting you to participate in supporting these High School BBQ Teams - COME EAT OUR HOMEWORK! We hope other States will start their own  High School BBQ Teams and State BBQ Cookers Association so we can finally prove what State and High School has the best BBQ in America!

What does the High School BBQ Cookers Association do?

  • Provides students with educational experiences through competition developed as a BBQ Cook Off.
  • Provides trained impartial sanctioning judges to run BBQ Competitions to create a fair, unbiased, uniformed, and consistent set of rules  and opportunity for schools and students to compete at a Local, Regional, and State level. 
  • Hosts an Educational BBQ Symposium and Career Fair at the State Championship
  • Promotes and markets Regional Cook Off events across the State for Host School District partners.
  • Promotes good sportsmanship and cooperation among member schools.
  • Works closely with School Districts, Partner Associations, and Industry to provide better judging and adjudication for HSBBQCA cook offs.
  • Sponsors regional conferences and workshops for High School BBQ teams and contests.
  • Provides materials to schools for use in HSBBQCA cook offs.
  • Seeks to safeguard the health and welfare of students by insurance for events.
  • Seeks to keep awards for achievement on a sensible basis by restricting the cost and type.
  • Sponsors local regional, and state cook championship cook offs.
  • Sponsors the State of Texas High School BBQ Championship.
  • Partners with Industry to support and engage with schools, teachers, and students.
  • Administers the High School BBQ Fund which provides scholarships to Career and Technical Education (CTE) students at state competitions.

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